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Important Information about Microsoft Research Position Recruiting

  • Recruiting for these positions is conducted on an as-needed basis by individual research areas.
  • PhD Intern and Post-doctoral recruiting is a year round activity, though there is a timeframe when recruiting typically occurs for these positions.
  • Microsoft Research recruits globally (if you opt in) for all locations. However, you should request ONLY the locations and areas in which you are seriously interested or experienced.

General Process & Notifications

Researchers review the pool of applicants with requisite experience and screen them according to basic qualifications to identify candidates who show the strongest aptitude for success in the position at Microsoft Research. You can specify contacts at Microsoft Research for notification as well.

You will be notified if:

  • Referral letters are needed from your references for further review of your application.
  • You are selected for interviews.
  • If you are selected for interviews, you will hear a final determination for this recruiting cycle.
The current status of your application, including progress on reference requests, is always indicated on the Status page of this site. Feel free to sign in and check status from time to time.